BMW 635D came into us with a limp mode problem under hard acceleration and stored fueling related fault codes, the owner already spent over a thousand pound in repair bills without a fix due to a miss diagnoses from a well known bmw specialist. At CG Remaps our mechanical technician has over 15 years experience working at bmw, so we have the expertise and knowledge to quickly find and solve the issue in house. Working together with our in house software development team we was able to pin point the issue down to a poorly made remap. We rectified this issue by updated the ecu with the latest available software direct from the online server, by doing this it gave us the perfect platform to start creating our custom tuning solution from scratch. Its safe to say the problem is now fixed with no further fault codes present and no more limp mode, the customer is now enjoying the car how it should be enjoyed with 340hp and 690nm of torque powering the rear wheels