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CG Remaps
Ecu Remapping, Engine Tuning and Engine Carbon Cleaning

Here at CG Remaps, we specialize in all types of Ecu Remapping, Engine Tuning and Engine carbon cleaning for your vehicle, helping maximize your driving pleasure. Ecu Remap for a petrol or diesel engine will vastly improve your driving pleasure.

Go Beyond The Limits

There are lots of limits on driving these days even your vehicles full potential is restricted at the factory. Vehicle manufacturers have to allow leeway in the engines full potential to be sold all over the world, with different air quality, climate, fuel quality and temperature all in mind. The manufacturers must also allow leeway for owners who do not keep to service schedules or just don’t look after their engine in general. The great news is that our Ecu Remap software can free you from these restrictions safely. You could achieve as much as 50% extra power and torque, along with up to 20% better fuel economy from our expertly made custom Remap upgrade. Our engine carbon cleaning service can revive and restore lost performance, economy and drive ability from your vehicle while prolonging the life of vital engine parts.


Ecu Remapping

For all vehicle types, both petrol and diesel engines.

Dyno Power

Runs with live data logging giving accurate power and torque results on any vehicle.

Engine Carbon Cleaning

Restores lost performance, economy and drive ability.


Main dealer level diagnostics.

Find Out How To Release Your Engines Full Potential
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CG Remaps

Mini Cooper S in for our engine carbon clean service. | | 01630 639595
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Mini Cooper S in for our engine carbon clean service. | | 01630 639595
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