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Customer Ben came to us today for our stage 1 rolling road tune. We found that the vehicle was producing 612nm of torque which is high torque output for a stock car, but pretty much stock hp figures of 261hp. The vehicle was a BMW F30 330d 2013 with the N57 engine covering over 160,000 miles.
We pulled the file off the ecu to see what was going on, we found the car was not stock but tuned badly. Maximum boost and fuel quantity was requested in the file yet lots of important maps completly missed and left stock. We returned the car back to factory settings and started again, with the stock map installed the vehicle made 238hp + 515nm of torque. This is pretty much stock torque but a little down on factory hp figures. We applied our own safe and reliable tuning solution, demanding only half of what the outside map had requested on the car when it came in. We achieved a nice linear power delivery producing 296hp + 606nm of torque over peak power while requesting only 100 millibar of boost over stock thus putting less strain on the engine and gearbox. Customer Ben was over the moon with the difference we made producing a much smoother longer power band. We have attached the graph of our tuning, stock and the unknown outside map.

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